As a Paella Master, my authentic paellas start out as vegan and gluten-free.

Options Include:

1. Vegetarian

2. Chicken and Chorizo

3. Prawns, Clams, Mussels

4. Prawns, Clams Mussels, Chicken and Chorizo

You can choose from one of these four, or create your own. 

For Example, you can add lobster, tri-tip or even a whole roast pig.

Other choices for backyard parties include:

Polynesian and Cuban-fusion style whole roast pig, lamb, or goat

Argentine Asado whole lamb, goat, or side of beef 

New England Maine Lobster Bake

Louisiana Crawfish Boil, Jambalaya, Beignets

Persian Koobideh

            BBQ, Flank Steak, Tri Tip, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken,Hamburgers and Hot dogs.

Prices vary, please request a quote.

Richard Poncini • Half Moon Bay